Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Fresh Indian onion suppliers

Fresh Indian onion suppliers:
Indian Onion market is very big and India is the largest producer of Fresh Red Onion in the world.India is exporting Indian onion to many countries ,,, almost to all countries.

We at greenexpro we do procuring, sorting, grading and packing from the freshly purchased Onion lot Direct from farmers.
Now new season Fresh onion have started .
We at greenexpro  have many types o of' onions from South India as well as North India.
we have following onions and types
1.Red onion-Nasik Onion
2.Bombay onion
3.Indian Shallot ( sambar vengayam, Podisu)
4.Bangalore Rose
5.Krishnapuram Red
6.Bellary onion

We request you to place your requirements o if onion below
E mail:greenexpro@gmail.com
web: www.greenexpro.com


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