Thursday, 16 August 2012


In India we have many Types of Onion.
We do Packing in Gunny Bags,Red Wire mesh bags,Bamboo Baskets as per Buyers choice of Net wt.(5kg,10,kg,25kg,40kg &50kg)

1. Red Onion:(Bombay Onion/Nasik Onion/Indian Onion)
This is the common type produced and consumed in largescale.Red onion are mainly produced in the states of Maharashtra,Karnataka,Gujarat,AndhraPradesh,Tamil nadu ..etc.
Especially Red Onions are produced in Maharashtra and Main Onion Market is in NASIK .So this  is also be called as Nasik Onion.
Nasik Onions are World famous for their pungent and colour.

2. Bellary Onions:

This is the variety which is mainly cultivated in Karnataka and TamilNadu In particular seasons. This also has very good pungent.
This is mainly Exported to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam etc..
3. Podisu Onion:

This is a type of Onion which is mainly cultivated in Tamil Nadu state of India and other wise called as  Sambar vengayam.and with in this we have many types such as
A)Nattu Onion,   B)Mutlur Onion
4.Pickle Onion:
This is another type of onion from South India and is being used mainly for preparation of pickle which has very great taste and aroma and this product is mainly exported to Malaysia and many Asian countries.

5. Krishnapuram Red onion:

This is also a very pungent and export quality onion is being produced from South India.

6. Banglore Rose Onions/Rose Onions:
This is very pungent has good aroma and colour .Rose onions are produced in South Indian States only Except Kerala. This type is exported to many countries in Asia and this onion is very costly and has more Export value and market.


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